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  • 1. When ordering a bespoke suit from you for the first time, is it true that  personalised pattern will be made for me? 
    Absolutely, a precise card pattern is prepared based on your own personal measurements 
    and requirements and is a vital part of the process of producing your bespoke suit. 
    Once your suit is completed we then keep the pattern on file for future reference. 
    2. Do I have to be re-measured every time when I order something? 
    Your records are kept secure at all times. Should you wish to order again we can access them for you.  If you want something new, all you have to do is select the cloth and styles. 

    3. What kinds of fabrics could you offer?
    There is a wide range of fabrics. From Super 80,Super 100s, 120s, 150s, up to Super 200s wools, Cashmere Wool blends, cashmere, Worsted wools, Wool & silk , Linen, Silk-Cotton, 100% Thai Silk, 100% Egyptian , Pure cotton  etc. Our quality fabrics are sourced from mills worldwide; like the UK, Italy, Australia etc. 

    4. Could you offer a lightweight, summer suit?
    Yes. We have a wide range of lightweight fabrics to choose . We can also offer you a cut and spec which is more casual than a business suit if that is what you would like. 

    5. Can I have my suit tailored with my own designs: monogram, working cuffs, different color thread, double-breasted,colorful lining, colorful under collar  felt ,horn button or metal button,adjustable waistband ?
    That is workable for us. It is our pleasure to offer you our expert guidance in designing a suit which will compliment not just your style but also your body shape. 

    6. Do you make suits and blouses for women?
    Yes.  As with our women′s ranges, the suit is made to measurements and specifications  from a single roll of cloth, and is designed to flatter your body shape. 

    7. Could C&G make clothes with my material?
    Yes. If you would like, we can make clothes with your material. It is just needed to send us the fabric along with the style details and measurements information. Please contact us for more information regarding this. 

    8. What about big and tall sizes?
    Yes, we do make big and tall sizes too. 

    9. Is it possible for you to duplicate the  favorite shirt or suit? 
    Absolutely!  We will also be glad to make any changes you might need, then return your original garments with your new clothes. 

    10. What happens if I need alterations?
    If you were measured by one of our tailors, the alterations are free. If you provided us with your own measurements then we can give you a discounted price on the alterations.Top 

    11. Could the clothes be posted to me?
    Yes. We will send your clothes to the given address by courier post  such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT,and EMS with all the customs and duties in your country paid for. Top 

    12. How could I deal the payment?
    It could be paid by bank transfer, Western Union, Paypal.

    13. How should I care for my suit?
    Taking good care of your suit will not only keep you looking great but also let your bespoke suit last for many years to come. 
    To keep your suit in the best condition we recommend purchasing 3 items: A lint tape roller, a clothes brush and a steamer. 
    We also recommend to remove any items from your suit pockets after each wearing .This will help prevent the suit from sagging or bulging.
    To remove hair, surface dirt and lint brush the suit with a lint tape roller.
    Hang your jacket and trousers on seperate hangers for at least an hour to air out your suit. This helps gets rid of any absorbed odours such as cigarette smoke.
    Hang your suit inside a bathroom after having a shower or bath as the steam will help relax the fabric and removes creases. It is the best to leave the suit in the bathroom for at least 30 minutes.
    It is the best not to leave your suit in the plastic suit bag or carrier case that your suit arrived in when in storage. This will prevent stale odours and an increase in moth holes. Leaving your suit in in clear plastic bags can attract bad light and cause mildew
    We highly recommend to hang your suits on a wooden or plastic padded hanger rather than a wired hanger to help maintain the shape of the suit.
    Brushing your suit regularly will help prevent creases. Use shots of steam to get rid of any creases.
    Treat any stains immediately to avoid them being permanent. DO NOT press your suit if there is a stain. This will press the stain into the suit therefore making removal impossible.
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